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A natural resource company primarily dealing in lithium and other rare earth minerals. 


Allox is a natural resource company primarily dealing in lithium and other rare earth minerals. 

Allox is India’s leading producer of carbon coated Lithium Iron Phosphate (C-LFP) cathode active material used in lithium ion cell and battery manufacturing, while creating the supply chain that enables the future energy requirements of the world, the global storage of renewable energy and electrification of transportation. 

We are committed to making India self-reliant in the fast growing Lithium Ion Battery & EV sectors.



Lithium is a soft silvery-white metal which is highly reactive and does not occur in nature in its elemental form. In nature, it occurs as compounds within hard rock deposits and salt brines. Lithium has the highest electrochemical potential of all metals, a key property in its role in lithium-ion batteries.

Lithium Carbonate is a key component in a range of renewable industries due to its high-energy storage, insulating and heat resistant capabilities.


Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) or commonly known as LFP, is used as a cathode material in Lithium Ion batteries. LFP batteries are one of the most widely used compositions, used in a variety of ways from electric vehicles to residential batteries to grid-scale applications.

Allox is India’s leading producer of indigenously developed Carbon coated LFP, using ARCIs patented technology,

LFP is the most suitable cell chemistry for Indian conditions.

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United Nations describes Sustainability as meeting our own needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. Allox aligns itself with United Nations 2030 sustainable development goals.

At Allox we envision a cleaner and greener future for the next generation.

Lead by young entrepreneurs and revered leaders in the sustainable energy sector, Allox aims to help India drive into a net zero country.

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